I'm trying to find sine, cosine, or tangent using the sides of a triangle given. I want the answer in degrees and I can see that in order to access the inverse function I first press the green button and thn the corresponding trig function (Y,Z, or T) but I only get a decimal answer. What am I doing wrong? Surely my $139.00 calculator is capable of doing this for me.
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1 Answer

I'm assuming that you're using the Ti-89 calculator.


To get an answer in degrees hit the Mode button which is one click to the right of Home. Scroll down three options untill you see Angle. Click on it and chose Degrees in the drop down menu, then hit Enter.

Type in the functions and there you go.

I recommend though that you switch back to Radians once you finish your calculations. The majority of your Trig problems tend to be submitted in Radians and its easy to get confused.

Hope this helps!~

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