Help!  I can't seem to get my TI-84 SE out of scientific notation mode - answers to a simple problem such as 0.002 x 0.003 give me 6.000000000E-6  

While I understand the nine zeroes (I had set that), I don't want the E-6 business to be there - how to rid my work of that forever?!

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5 Answers

You should be able to press "MODE"

at the top of the screen use your left mouse thingy to select "NORMAL"

are you unable to access the "MODE" menu
I had tried the MODE button, but nothing changed.  Maybe something is wrong with the calculator?
I just called TI and they said all their graphing calc go to SCI after after 3 zeros and 1 digit to the right of the decimal. Not convensed but, they did tell me if I use a TI 30xiis then it will work a I want it to. I do have one of those laying around the house.
Go to mode and go down to float if your marker is on a number move it over to float and click float
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