-8x+2y=6   Question 1

-8x+2y=24             -6x-2y=12          question 2

                             0.5x +0.5y=-24

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1 Answer

You need to put these in slope intercept form first. y=mx+b

So solve for y


add 8x to both sides


divide by 2



and 8x to both sides


divide both sides by 2


Now put those two equations into your y= screen.  Press the y= button of course on the top left of the calculator.

enter the equations, one on each line.

In this case you will come up with a graph that looks like this:

Graph of the lines y=14+14 and y=4x+3 on a Graphing Calculator

The solution is where the lines cross. Since these two lines are parallel, (notice that both have a slope of 4x.) they never cross. There is no solution.

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