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Application Details:
Title: Approximating Area Under a Curve
Requirements: Requires the ti-83 plus or a ti-84 model.
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Category: Calculus
Brief Description: TI-84 Plus and TI-83 Plus graphing calculator program. Approximates the area under a curve.
Keywords: Program, Calculus, ti-83 Plus, ti-84 Plus C SE, ti-84 Plus SE, ti-84 Plus, Calculator, Approximating, Area, Under, a, Curve
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Additional Details:
Full Description:Desc: This program approximates the area under a curve. Simply enter a function, lower bound, upper bound, and the amount of equal subintervals and the program finds the area using four methods; the left rectangle approximation area method, right rectangle approximation area method, midpoint rectangle approximation area method, and trapezoid rule.